Feeling a Brand is What Really Makes the Difference

Companies and organizations from all sectors and industries are fighting a permanent and continuous battle for talent, and its center of operations is the HR area, which has gone from being the administrative office of the company to a strategy definer and implementer.

And it is here where the strategy of a company in relation to Talent and its Culture is embodied in its branding strategy. A branding that contemplates the benefits of working for that brand, the professional development, with a work environment and other factors that make the company attractive to potential talents.

The future of work is no longer defined by technology or automation, but by talent. The companies that will thrive in the new landscape will be those that prioritize people, invest in their development and cultivate a work culture that fosters motivation, creativity and engagement.

It’s time to make a 180° turn and put people at the center of business strategy. This means:
-Attracting and retaining the best talent: offering attractive working conditions, career development opportunities and a positive and motivating work culture.
-Investing in training and development: Helping employees acquire the skills and knowledge they need to meet the challenges of the future.
-Encourage creativity and innovation: Create an environment where people feel free to propose ideas, experiment and take risks.
-Recognize and reward good work: Celebrate employees’ achievements and show them that their work is valued.

When companies focus on talent, the results are evident:
-Better productivity and efficiency: This is the product of motivated and engaged employees.
-Better customer service: Happy and motivated employees provide better customer service.
-More innovation: Talented and creative people are more likely to generate new ideas and solutions.
-Greater profitability: Companies with talented and motivated employees are more profitable.

The future of work is talent. Companies that bet on people and give them the place they deserve will be better positioned to succeed in the new employment landscape.

Are you ready to build a company where talent is the cornerstone of success?

At TOTEM Branding it is clear to us that a motivated team that “feels the shirt” enjoys the road more, gets better results and success, more than economic and financial, is human. Knowing a brand is not the same as feeling it. A known brand generates behavior, a loved brand generates commitment. Companies that focus on talent are more likely to create a brand that people love.