It’s a good time to review what we accomplished together

Does time fly? They say that time passes faster when you are entertained and busy. “Time is not gold, gold is not worth anything. Time is life” said the wise José Luis Sampedro.
At TOTEM Branding we want to celebrate living time by dedicating it to our passion: creating brands that unite people and generate positive changes. Being brave to create a new time. Our time.

Working every day to spread the importance of good branding, connecting totemites, sharing exciting journeys with our clients, taking care of people and sharing the causes we believe deserve more diffusion.

So in the first half of this year 2022, and before the vacations, let’s take advantage of the time to rethink, reinvent, re-educate, rewrite, re-discover, re-design, re-learn and revolutionize.

During this first half of this convulsive, exciting, complex and challenging 2022 we have shared many things. Crossing the halfway point of the year is a good time to remember.
We remember the World Day for the Fight against Depression, that silent pandemic.
We are launching the first MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) on Branding that we developed at the TOTEM Branding Academy for the World Tourism Organization and its brand new Tourism Online Academy.
We celebrate International Hug Day, for us 8, 8 hugs.
We shook consciences on the World Day Against Global Warming.
We were thrilled, like everyone else, with Rafa Nadal’s 21st Grand Slam.
We share the interviews with inspiring and courageous leaders in the TOTEM LIVE 2022
We celebrated Flex’s 110th anniversary.
We spread the word about the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.
We fell in love on Valentine’s Day and entered the Metaverse to better understand where we are going and how.
We talk about the importance of Sustainable Development.
And how brands can and should take a stand on the unjustified Russian invasion of Ukraine.
We are fans of the totemite women and celebrate International Women’s Day with them.
We dream with our eyes wide awake on World Sleep Day.
We ask ourselves: What is happiness? And we philosophize with our feet on the ground.
Our Blog was born: TOTEM Times where we share interesting content on a weekly basis.
We dissect the future of work, consumption and society through the eyes of Generation Z.
This year’s World Health Day was very moving.
We rediscovered that art is when brands meet love, during the celebration of World Art Day.
We celebrate, as we do every day, the World Creativity and Innovation Day.
We called for collective awareness of the 50+ generation.
We gave thanks for freedom of expression on World Press Freedom Day.
We highlight the importance of recycling on World Recycling Day.
And we opened the door to Web 3.0.
We sweetened ourselves with the worldwide relaunch of Pirulin.
We were thrilled to give the opening speech at the XVIII Spanish Congress of Shopping Centers and Shopping Parks.
We celebrated the award for Lagoh as the best Large Shopping Center in Spain.
Our work with Campofrío Frescos to work on their brand and create their sustainability story.
We celebrate “Yellow Day” or the happiest day of the year.
We made the opening conference of the VII Pork Forum “Enamorando al consumidor” organized by Interprofesional del Porcino de Capa Blanca (INTERPORC).
We are delighted that Trops has been awarded the Cooperative of the Year Award 2022.
And we asked ourselves new questions on World Social Media Day.

Sharing the day to day with more than 4,000 professionals on Linkedin who are interested and interact with our publications and content. We invite and encourage you to continue to participate and contribute value to our beloved totemite community.

I have no time is the slogan of the 21st century. A century in which man begins to dominate almost all frontiers, except that of time.
The world moves forward at lightning speed. Therefore, those who continue to make excuses instead of seeing the opportunities presented to them will fall by the wayside, stagnate, forgotten by history, and become secondary actors in a world that will look at them with false melancholy, or simply ignore them.

Instead, those who generate change, create it, rewrite history and design the future will be the protagonists of intense, radically fast-moving years, rich in learning, experimentation and evolution.

The world is no longer left or right, north or south, rich or poor, west or east. The world is divided between the brave and the cowardly.

The world belongs to those who, regardless of their nationality, profession, sex, age, religion or language, make time a tool for change.

The clock was invented for a different purpose than the one we give it today. Let us change the concept that time passes quickly. Let us be brave enough to rewrite our history. History. And brave to create a new time. Our time.