Thank you

End of month 7, before going on vacation, we believe that in this challenging year, we are in an excellent moment to take stock, analyze, compare, evaluate, reorganize, plan and above all, be grateful.

Being grateful is essential to fully appreciate and enjoy life. Being thankful for who we are, what we have achieved, what we have, the people around us, etc. It makes us live in harmony with our environment and with a high degree of well-being.

At TOTEM Branding being grateful is in our DNA. And all through a very powerful word. A word that always has to be in our daily lives. A word that connects us, brings us closer and inspires us: THANK YOU.

We begin to be grateful the moment we accept our weaknesses. When we grant gratitude for a collaboration we become humble and humility is a quality to be admired in any person. We can all remember with incredible affection that person who shows us gratitude.

Research has shown that people who express gratitude also have better physical and mental health, as well as greater emotional resilience.

The Mindfulness Development Research Center at UCLA has shown that gratitude changes our molecular structure of the brain; it helps gray matter function better, improving our physical and mental health and makes us happier people.

Gratitude has also been shown to have positive effects on relationships when people take the time to say “thank you.” These effects occur not only in love relationships, but also in work relationships.

Emmons and Stern (2013), state that “the empowerment and practice of gratitude is very beneficial to our psychological state as it brings us positive experiences such as well-being, happiness, positive affect, and prosocial behaviors that act as a barrier to negative emotions.” Watkins, Cruz, Holben and Kolts (2003), note that gratitude “is positively related to optimism, joy and enthusiasm”.

And working with the clients with whom we are fortunate to collaborate or have collaborated with, all gratitude is not enough.

Thank you for the trust you place in our team to help you create or transform brands. Saying thank you does not cost money, nor does it require any prior knowledge, much less asking permission to do so. When a supervisor practices gratitude towards his employees, they feel more motivated at work.

We take this moment of reflection to express our most resounding “THANK YOU” to all our clients, but also to our collaborators, colleagues, suppliers and friends who make our work at TOTEM Branding a daily reason for gratitude.