Love Brands Touch the Heart

Dear Brands, love is when the client’s happiness is more important than your own.

A new version of ‘All you need is Love’ is in the air: ‘All You Need is Brands’.

A day when there is a reason to celebrate love above all. A day where people look for creativity, surprise and emotion to give to their partner to show the love they deserve.

It is such a special day, that we should take this kind of surprises not only to personal life, but also to the professional; if brands show respect and love to their employees, they will act reciprocally and will strive to feed back and keep alive the purpose of the brand.

In our social life, there are people with whom we get along better, with whom we just say hello, and others without whom we would definitely not be able to live. The same thing happens with brands, that is why there are different types according to the feelings they provoke in us.

1.- Irrelevant Brands: These are brands that we do not even know exist. Although they are all around us, we do not pay attention to them and we do not know them, so they do not interest us either.

2.- Hated Brands: These brands are part of our lives and sadly we cannot get rid of them because of their dominant position in the market place. The moment we can dump them, we will.

3.- Love Brands, also known as TOTEMs: These are brands that have captured our heart, because of what they believe and what they do; on top of what they offer us, the benefits they give us. They are brands that are committed to people wellness and wellbeing, they live their values and they share what they do to make us feel good. We believe in them and proudly we become part of their world by conviction. A Love Brand is more than known it is felt cause it touches the heart.

TOTEMs are those that evoke strong emotional connections. They are brands that often center around values such as trust, comfort, and a sense of community. As a multi-faceted construct, Love Brands includes a range of emotions, behaviors and cognitions.

Post-modern tribes no longer just follow brands, they join them. Love Brands are the TOTEMs around which we gather to celebrate, to share, to enjoy, to recommend, to experiment, to learn, and so on. Many companies today are worth more for their brands than for the other tangible assets that were always taken into account.

At TOTEM Branding, creating and building Love Brands, TOTEMs, with a sense of connection, pride and belonging is at the center of everything that we do.

And remember. Brands: the opposite of love is not hate, itโ€™s indifference.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all ๐Ÿ’›