Thank You Panama!

Three years ago, TOTEM Branding landed in Panama with an unwavering commitment: to be the faithful partner of brands in their major transformations. We brought with us a wealth of international experience aimed at adding value to a unique market, right on the threshold of what we call: The Great Awakening of Brands.

Throughout this exciting journey, we have met with inspiring people, gifted with exceptional talent and an overflowing passion for leading brands. We have connected with teams eager to unleash significant change and transformation, looking for a strategic partner who can bring the experience and expertise to make it happen.

We feel fortunate to coincide with companies that have high-level teams, hungry for a purpose and a culture that drives them to wake up every day with a smile on their faces. And brands they identify with that they can become believers in.

Because at TOTEM we help create or transform brands that bring people together.

On the road to the future we met Kemmy Almengor, a natural leader with an innate desire to create brands with purpose. Kemmy perfectly combines quality and human warmth with the achievement of objectives and strategies. Her incorporation as Regional Director has strengthened our team, and together we have guided clients in diverse categories and regions, from banking to tourism, real estate, logistics, agribusiness, education and telecommunications.

TOTEM is considered one of the world’s leading branding companies because of the talent of its team, working across 5 continents, with more than 40 years of combined experience and more than 440 brands created and transformed.

Helping our clients develop more creative, innovative, human and profitable brands, experiences, services and products. We provide all facets of brand creation, development and management around the world, with major projects in more than 45 countries such as Spain, Chile, Australia, Germany, Singapore, China, South Africa, Paraguay, Argentina, United States, Colombia, Peru, France, Italy and Dominican Republic, among others.

On January 11 and 12 we will celebrate the first Team TOTEM Summit in Panama, for the first time outside Europe and Asia. This is our way of thanking this great country, its people and its companies for their warm welcome and, above all, for believing that a world where brands, in addition to achieving their business, economic and commercial objectives, are creators of positive changes in people, in the communities in which we live and in the world, is indeed possible.