The Battle for Talent

7 out of 10 companies have problems finding workers.

Nowadays, for many companies, it is easier to win a customer than to get a qualified employee.

This phrase, strange as it may seem, was told to us by the CEO of one of the world’s largest companies.

In other words, the battle for talent has only just begun.

The business world has a problem and that is the search for talent in the workplace.

If we take Spain, as an example:

72% of companies have problems finding workers.

93% of companies are finding it as difficult or more difficult to hire than last year.

The talent deficit is one of the most important challenges facing HR departments and companies in general.

What does the search for talent demand in this scenario?

– Being more flexible in the conditions offered and at the same time being more attractive as an employer (having a strong employer branding) are the strategies most practiced by companies today to deal with this deficit.

– In addition, diversity and inclusion are now considered essential to the success of companies, which are increasingly recognizing that diversity in their workforce brings a variety of perspectives and approaches that can drive innovation and creativity.

The 4 keys to improving employee loyalty:
1. A pleasant work environment
2. Flexibility in work hours and location
3. Career growth in salary
4. Recognition of professional achievements

Talent has become a crucial factor for success in an increasingly competitive and constantly evolving world.

At TOTEM Branding we often comment that brands that have become TOTEMs do not seek talent, but rather talent seeks them out. They are admired, loved and recognized and people want to be part of them.

We help our clients build a strong brand that is supported by an inspiring purpose, lives the values, has an honest culture, empathetic leadership and makes a positive impact on people’s lives and attracts talent.

We know that the search for talent is essential to business success in a world driven by human, technology, diversity and the need for soft skills. Only companies that recognize the importance of finding, attracting and retaining top talent will be better prepared to thrive in an increasingly challenging, exciting and competitive business environment.

Source: / HR Trends Report 2023 Randstad Research (Spain)