10C of Success

Dear Totemites, brands and professionals: Considering these “10Cs” presented by TOTEM Branding, the chances of success in your Brand Communication strategy will experience a remarkable growth. These 10Cs become essential tools that contribute to the formation of the identity that characterizes a company or individual. At TOTEM Branding, we highly value those who communicate in a genuine, emotional and value-adding way.

1. Credibility: It means transmitting in a sincere and genuine way, backing up promises through consistent actions to obtain and preserve the public’s trust.

2. Connection: The goal is to forge strong emotional connections and requires understanding the emotions and values of the audience in order to develop lasting and meaningful relationships.

3. Community: Stimulate active participation of followers and build a sense of belonging by reinforcing loyalty and identification with the brand.

4. Creativity: Uniqueness in the form of visual presentation and narrative is essential to stand out and attract the interest of the audience.

5. Consistency: Maintaining a coherent communication in all interactions consolidates the brand identity and contributes to its easy recognition.

6. Change: Demonstrating the ability to adjust and communicate new ideas is critical to address dynamic market changes and evolving consumer demands.

7. Consistency: Perseverance in communication is essential to build and maintain the brand’s presence in the memory and affection of the employee, client, user or consumer over time.

8. Consistency: Communicating messages and carrying out actions consistently consolidates the perception of the brand and strengthens the audience’s trust.

9. Content: Providing content that is helpful and relevant contributes to establishing a brand as a source of information and wisdom.

10. Trust: Building trust through actions, relationships, products, services and values remains fundamental to brand communication strategy.

We appreciate those who understand that brand is not only the promise we make and deliver, but also the connection we cultivate with our audience, the community we build and the change we embrace.

Dear colleagues, entrepreneurs and friends, we urge you to embrace these 10 Principles in your brand building journey on LinkedIn and beyond. Let every post, every interaction and every contribution be an additional step toward building a brand that is not only seen and heard, but also felt and lived.