Users & Retail Today

To build the future of retail, you can start by asking new questions: what will tomorrow’s customer demand? What will they want or expect from brands? What will companies be like the day after? How will the way of selling and buying would be transformed? A new age? A new retail?

In this new situation, brands face more demanding and careful consumers about how and in what they spend their money. They seek the ease of the online world and experience of the offline. The Off and On increasingly integrated.

Today we present the 4 most relevant insights on “consumers and retail in the new normal.” Result of a collaborative work and coordinated by @TOTEM Branding, carried out in the 5 continents to understand where we are and where we are going as brands and consumers.

– “Evolution, not revolution. New times, same consumer”

– “Shop better, shop consciously”

– “Enjoy the physical shopping experience!”

– “They look for close, local and digital brands”