Change the “Anti-Aging” culture

Over 50: the world is losing all its experience. Experience cannot be bought. Are we succeeding in retiring experience?
We live in an “anti-aging culture”. This means that we seem to assume that being young is good and being old is bad.

We are moving towards a world where experience, instinct and the desire to continue contributing to a society full of opportunities are valued. This should be the motto to describe the society that the 50+ Generation deserves.

Those professionals over 50 are clearly going through their best professional moment, as they combine experience, with acquired knowledge, with a more complete vision of the company and society, with a broader back and a more expanded mind. They are in an incredible vital moment and wish to continue contributing positively. This new world is retiring experience even though the “young people” over 50 are updating themselves and generally have recognition and visibility both in the workplace and in society.

Because although it is often thought that curiosity is only present in our youth, the reality is that as long as we maintain a spirit of learning, the desire to grow and positivity, age becomes only a number that shows you how many times you have loved, cried, lived, dreamed, and learned that, without a doubt, the most important thing in life is to be yourself and your loved ones.

Entrepreneurship is not a country for young people only. Being over 50 gives you experience, better contacts, greater credibility and financial capacity are the advantages of senior entrepreneurs. It is time to rethink not only what it means to work, but the very nature of work itself. Build a good active long life and participate in the social awareness that adding years never subtracts, it multiplies.

As we at TOTEM Branding are very pragmatic and love stories of overcoming, we would like you to remember this story every time you feel like giving up during your career:

– He failed creating a business in 1831.
– He ran a state legislature that lost in 1832.
– He tried to start a business in 1833 and failed again.
– The love of his life died in 1835.
– He had a nervous breakdown in 1836.
– Failed in his bid for congress in 1843.
– Defeated again for Congress in 1848.
– Defeated when he ran for the Senate in 1855.
– Defeated for U.S. vice presidency in 1856.
– Ran again for Senate in 1858 and lost again.

IN 1860… Abraham Lincoln was elected president of the United States. The rest is history.

Society needs to learn the lessons of experience. Experience is not about what you have lived through, it is about applying what you have learned.