Art is when brands meet love

The definition of the word “art” is much more complete than we tend to think at first. This term encompasses all creations made by human beings to express a vision about the real or imaginary world. Art is a language that has no words, which makes it so powerful that we cannot fail to dedicate at least one day a year to commemorate its importance in everyone’s life.

Brands, despite being intangible goods, have an enormous weight in the collective imagination and are part of the lives and experiences of those who live with them. They are powerful tools that synthesize ideas, values or can evoke scenes of everyday life. It is precisely this character what in the creative context makes them an optimal resource to represent scenes of everyday life and allow the receiver to identify much better with the scenes represented.

The capacity we have as individuals to create is largely thanks to our creativity. But why is art so magical and necessary for our daily lives? According to Korzybski’s law of individuality, no two situations or two stages of a process are the same in detail. In this sense, we have far fewer concepts and words than unique experiences, which tends to lead to identification or confusion between two or more situations. This is why at TOTEM Branding we see art as a combination of language and experience, as it is able to be transmitted from generation to generation, and also gives rise to multiple interpretations from which modern artists can draw inspiration to produce new ideas. We believe in art as a great inspiration for brands and good branding, so that as a goldsmith, an identity is represented with handcrafted, unique, unrepeatable strokes that touch the depths of perception.

And in times where the NFT and this new dimension in which the digital and the physical also meet and are the new boom to represent and trade with art, understanding that an NFT can be any element that the creator can think of (a drawing, a wearable for the metaverse, an ebook, a photo, music, a tweet, a combination of several things -such as audio, video, music, music, a tweet, etc.), a combination of several things -such as audio and image-, the possibilities are endless) something similar happens, it is a unique digital asset that, although it can be copied, whoever owns the NFT owns the original, working as a sort of certificate of authenticity and having the rights that its acquisition entails.

This is not just a day to honor artists, who also deserve recognition. In the week of World Art Day it is a call to all people and why not brands, to express their true essence, their true purpose, what motivates and drives them, and what helps them and has helped them become better on a daily basis.