Artificial Intelligence is Already at Work

ChatGPT will celebrate its first 7 months of life this month. OpenAI, the company that created it, is already valued at $30 billion dollars!

When Netflix launched as a subscription service in 1999, it took 3.5 years for the 1 million user mark. Instagram achieved it in 2.5 months. Spotify in five months and Dropbox in seven months. Twitter took 2 years. ChatGPT reached one million users in five days!

The number of total visits on the ChatGPT website in this 2023:
January: 57 million. February: 100 million. March: 128 million. April: 166 million. May: 200 million. June: 244 million.
ChatGPT currently has more than 282 million users.
And the OpenAI website currently generates 1.8 billion visitors per month. The growth is unquestionable.

Let us remember that it was launched November 30, 2022. And by the end of 2024, it is expected to generate $1 billion in revenue.

7 nations, including China and Russia, are unable to access ChatGPT.

53% of readers could not identify ChatGPT written content as being written by AI.

OpenAI is ranked #1 on the Disruptor 50 list.

Based on current data, ChatGPT is estimated to grow to 514 million users by 2024, a staggering +800% user growth compared to early 2023.

And since the beginning of July, the fourth version of ChatGPT is already available, whose capabilities are directly related to language and its multimodal essence (it supports image and text inputs, and emits text-only outputs). And it is able to perform with amazing accuracy tasks such as text generation in different formats and styles, summarization, translation, song composition, answers to complex questions and more.
The most notable leap in this new version comes from its ability to achieve “human performance” in some scenarios. Its responses and interactions are more accurate and consistent.

The future is certainly exciting. All this breathtaking data tells us that technology is becoming more and more important in our lives.

At TOTEM Branding we appreciate new technologies and how their use improves our lives. And we know that artificial intelligence has become a key tool in transforming the present and future of technology. But we give importance to the challenge of continuing to work to develop it responsibly and ethically, ensuring that its use benefits society as a whole. Because with a clear understanding of its benefits and challenges, we will be able to harness the full potential of AI to build a smarter and more sustainable future for all.