Our CEO @ the Influencer Awards

We celebrate with enthusiasm at TOTEM Branding 🚀 that our CEO, together with the whole team that strives every day to create and share content that inspires and generates a positive impact on society, is a finalist in the Influencer Awards Spain!!! The recognition of our work as digital content creators fills us with joy and drives us forward.

At TOTEM, we understand the importance of using the power of influencing in a positive way with responsibility and commitment. Every publication we share is loaded with purpose, with the firm goal of contributing to positive change in society. We are excited about the opportunity to use our platforms to promote meaningful values and build lasting impact.

Influencer Awards Spain is the only platform that allows the public to choose the best Spanish influencers and content creators by voting. Recognizing the best creators in each of the categories that represent the main industries present in social networks.

The aim of these awards is to recognize and reward the work of Spanish digital influencers and to raise awareness of the instrumental relevance of this profession to the general public and its impact on the worlds of communication, digital marketing and advertising associated with each category.

These awards recognize the best content creators and influencers of the year. The only list chosen exclusively by the audience through a direct voting system.

The 10 most voted Influencers in each category make up the #ListaInfluencerAwards list. And the Experts Committee will choose the winner of each category, within this list.

In the 4th edition of the Influencer Awards Spain, our CEO, Andy Stalman, has been chosen in the Corporate category, along with 9 other prestigious big referents and leaders, such as:

Ignacio Rivera Quintana (Corporación Hijos de Rivera)
Jorge Neri
Dimas Gimeno Alvarez
Ana Botín (Santander)
Mario Alonso Puig
Andrés Millan
Arancha Ruiz
Wayne Griffiths
José María Álvarez-Pallete (Telefónica)

At TOTEM Branding, we are proud that Andy is part of the most influential creators in Spain. We are proud to be part of the community of digital content creators who are looking for more than just likes and followers. We seek to inspire, educate and generate meaningful conversations. Every interaction counts, and we firmly believe in the power of positive influence.

We thank all those who join us on this journey and pledge to continue on this path, using our power of influence responsibly to build a better world. Brand by brand, content by content.