Social Networks: Do you use them or do they use you?

What is the point of a brand having a presence in social networks if it is not used to interact, offer better attention, service or customer experience? At TOTEM we know the potential of social networks for branding. Your actions communicate much more than your publications on social networks. But thanks to the networks your actions can reach more people and faster.

Are social networks the mirror in which society reflects itself? In TOTEM Branding we believe that in social networks virtually all options are good, the question is to discover which are the best for your brand.

We celebrate Social Media Day, which is celebrated on June 30 every year. Its primary objective is that social networks are a tool that allows the world’s population a greater and better communication, as well as a means to stay informed, using a globalized platform such as the Internet. This day seeks to recognize and give entity to the drastic way in which social networks have changed the way we communicate, interact, consume information and perceive the world through the Internet.

The most important thing about social networks is interaction, that’s why they are social. According to the data collected in the Digital Report 2021, from We Are Social, on social networks and digital trends, we want to highlight:

– Every 15 seconds a new user registers in a social network.
– One out of every two people uses social networks, which means more than 3.78 billion users worldwide.
– More than 40% of digital consumers use social networks to get information, research and compare new brands or products.

This last fact makes Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp or LinkedIn, among others, the ideal place to improve the image, work on reputation and confirm brand authority by publishing frequent and quality content that reflects its identity and generates a relationship of trust with users.

Having a good marketing strategy in social networks is fundamental, since it allows to improve the image, reputation and brand authority, to increase interactions with clients/potential clients and to have a better positioning in search engines.

It is currently a worldwide celebration and more than 200 countries already consider it a date of relevance. In addition to having more and more followers, events, forums and conferences dedicated to social networks are organized around the world every year, raising awareness of the potential they also generate in the world of marketing and advertising.

We want to take advantage of this celebration to highlight the relevance of the fact that brands keep in mind the importance of Social Networks in their strategies, plans and activities, since good communication in these times is fundamental.

Source: Digital Report 2021 by We Are Social (