The human being & brands in search of meaning

Having a clear “why” we will be able to face all the “hows”. Something that applies to both people and brands. Simple to say, complex to do.

Whenever we talk about life, we always try to find an explanation, a meaning or a purpose for it, and it is not unusual to find several answers to the same question from different illustrious people in our history.

Like Viktor Frankl, who thanks to his work “Man’s Search for Meaning”, based on his undesirable experiences in different concentration camps, was able to provide a new perspective to better understand the meaning of our existence.

“We should not look for an abstract meaning to life, for everyone has his own mission to fulfill in it; everyone must carry out a concrete task. Therefore, neither can he be replaced in function, nor can his life be repeated; his task is unique as unique is his opportunity to implement it.”

Following Frankl’s line, we are all born different from the rest of human beings; however, what makes us unique are the values we decide to acquire, the experiences we have the opportunity to live, and the attitude we wish to have to face the adversities we have in our respective paths.

In this way, we do not limit ourselves to be what we do, but elevate our being to live from our most authentic personality, to free ourselves from the assumptions of the ego and encourage us to live more for meaning and purpose.

Many people and brands today are unclear about the meaning of life.

Brands that do not improve people’s lives are meaningless.

At this point in life our greatest professional treasure, as totemites, is to be able to share projects with people who, besides inspiring, teaching and motivating, are good people.

In branding, advertising and marketing there is a return to the essential.

A return to the simple, the everyday, what really transcends: emotions. What makes everyday work extraordinary. Human beings are very similar and at the same time very unique.

A very profound change in global consciousness is taking place in the world. It’s not just the world of brands. Politics, diplomacy, health, education, religion, there is no area that is not being affected.

At TOTEM Branding, we periodically ask ourselves about the meaning of what we do, our impact and its transcendence. We are aware of the exciting times we are not only witnessing but also playing a leading role in. We remain committed to creating and transforming brands that bring people together. Always from a human, sensitive, transcendent side that improves people’s lives.