TOTEM Live is Back Completely Live

How can we help our brain to process so much information in these dizzying and data-saturated times, which are not always well-founded and valuable?

There is a fuel that we believe can help our mind to clarify the picture, to provide approaches and proposals that allow us to face the day to day and the future with much more lucidity and preparation.

That space is called TOTEM Live.

TOTEM Live is a space for debate, conversation, philosophy, inspiration and reflection on the future, work, education, entrepreneurship, creativity, business, innovation, health, trends, energy, sports, the planet, solidarity, sustainability, among other topics.

Save the date! On Monday 29th, at 5PM in Spain and 1PM in Chile, we return with a brand new Season 4. And in episode 1 we are very excited with the participation of Alejandra Ravera, brand new General Manager of AMDD (Asociaci├│n de Marketing Digital y Data de Chile).

Alejandra has over 30 years of experience in marketing and advertising. With 360┬║ experience, 7 years in Art Direction, 4 years as Visual Merchandising Manager at Home Depot Chile and Argentina, and then returning to the Omnicom group as Group Account Director where she has been working for more than 11 years with brands such as Paris, Banco de Chile and Pepsi among many others. This has allowed Alejandra to have an integral vision of the business, both from the agency and the client. Alejandra, along with her team, has won more than 20 awards in the advertising industry, including Marketing Hall of Fame; Sustained Success in Effie and Achap Grand Prix.

She has taught undergraduate and graduate courses at different universities. But above all, Alejandra is an extraordinary woman, professionally and personally, and undoubtedly talking with her will be a gift.

TOTEM LIVE is the gift of great people and professionals who share with all of us their vision, their learning, their time and their experiences; a true gift for the mind and the heart.

We invite you to watch this TOTEM Live at the following link and to subscribe to the channel and stay tuned for all episodes of TOTEM Live T4.

The world does not transform itself, we transform it.

All of us in the TOTEM Branding team thank you for sharing your time, knowledge and experiences, for opening your hearts, for inspiring and motivating us to continue creating, innovating and reconnecting with the human. For being part of it. For believing.

The best is yet to come.