Branding for the Island of Tomorrow

The island of Mallorca, a fantastic place to live and a charming destination for visitors, faces a new and exciting challenge. It is a great challenge to reposition a brand that does not have a problem of demand, but of management with the establishment of the idea of protection and regeneration of the territory.

Recently, the master lines of the project that the @TOTEM team is preparing for the Mallorca Tourism Foundation, attached to the Department of Tourism of the Consell de Mallorca and in charge of promoting the island, were presented.

Our CEO, Andy Stalman highlighted that “The Mallorca brand is an invaluable asset that we must protect and strengthen.”

The island’s Councilor for Tourism, José Marcial Rodríguez, emphasized that “our purpose is to promote social and environmental coexistence within a framework of sustainable development of tourism activity, driven by the increasingly widespread consideration of travel as a growing priority in life.”

He also stressed that “This strategy aims to position the island as a responsible, ethical and conscious tourist destination, while preserving its cultural and natural wealth. On a path in which we also want to ‘know the opinions’ about the tourist activity to reach the ‘balance between the right to visit and to live’ on the island”.

We are living in a new era for tourism and we need to unlearn. The formulas of the past cannot necessarily be useful for the future, because there are new demands, both from citizens and visitors. The objective of a tourism brand does not have to be only to attract more tourists, everything is more complex than talking about quantity, first we have to identify the problem in all its layers and dimensions and then establish the whole range of alternatives and solutions to build a platform that helps the destination and above all its citizens to believe in what is to come.

Mallorca has the opportunity to become, once again, a world tourism reference, in this case of a responsible model. The island’s natural beauty, vibrant culture and ancient history make it an unrivaled destination. It is time to build on these strengths to build a more sustainable future, where Mallorca can thrive without losing its essence.

We are THANKFUL, excited and motivated to face this exciting challenge to embrace a new era for Mallorca.