A BrandCamp to Learn, Share & Breathe Branding

In TOTEM Branding we are in luck and we have great news, because from June 24 to 28, 2024, organized by TOTEM Branding Academy, the BrandCamp “Reinventing the Future of Brands” with Mr. Branding Andy Stalman will take place at ESDEN Business School.

The BrandCamp, using active teaching methods such as problem-based learning, learning by doing, exercise, company visits and with a practical approach, offers a comprehensive approach ranging from the fundamentals of branding to advanced aspects such as brand protection and omnichannel, providing participants with practical tools and knowledge to meet the challenges of today’s branding world.

The transformation brands need:
In an increasingly competitive and digitized business world, the brand becomes the epicenter of business strategy. It is in this context that our intensive program takes place, designed to equip you with the essential tools and advanced knowledge needed to succeed in the exciting universe of contemporary branding.

Exploring the Fundamentals of Branding:
Dive into the fundamentals of branding in the digital and AI-driven era. From developing branding talent to deeply understanding consumer psychology, we’ll explore the pillars upon which a strong and lasting brand is built. Brand identity and positioning strategy will be analyzed in detail, giving you an in-depth understanding of how to differentiate and stand out your brand in a saturated marketplace.

Building an Impactful Brand:
Delve into the exciting world of brand building. From visual branding in the digital world to creating authentic connections with consumers through emotional branding, we’ll explore how to design memorable and meaningful brand experiences in an ever-evolving omnichannel environment.

Implementation and Protection: Long-Term Success.
Effective implementation of brand strategy is crucial, as is protecting it in an increasingly complex digital environment. We will address
brand registration and protection strategies, as well as techniques for managing online reputation crises, ensuring that your brand is protected and ready to thrive in any circumstance.

In addition to Andy Stalman, the BrandCamp features the following teachers:
Emiliano Pérez Ansaldi, Paola Gómez, Cristina Delgado, Eva Toledo, Marcelo Ghio and Jordi Crespo.

At the end of the BrandCamp, a physical and digital Diploma will be delivered.

Don’t miss your chance and sign up here: https://landing.esden.es/brandcamp-andystalman/