The New World is shaped by Courage, Creativity & Innovation

“The competitive advantage of a society will come not from how well it teaches multiplication and periodic tables in its schools, but from how well it knows how to stimulate imagination and knowledge.” Albert Einstein.

In an ideal world, each person would be able to do what he or she really wanted to do, which would foster greater professional and personal happiness in society. In addition, productivity and creativity to perform in any role or job are directly related to the desire, intention and enjoyment of what you do.

Innovation and creativity have proven to be a key driver for growth. They are an important trait for the world’s most valuable brands that successfully combine the two to remain relevant to consumers’ lives and make it easier for them to choose a brand.

More and more people take a dim view of having an individualistic system, and at the same time, we would like to make the following reflection: Is it really the system that is not good, or is it the values that we are led to believe that are at fault? When talking about individualism, we can look at it as two different aspects: that of selfishness and that of creation. As Nikola Tesla said, the fact of “being alone” or, better said, not allowing external influences to modify our criteria in an exaggerated way, allows us to have a greater inventive capacity, and with it a better capacity for the creation of ideas. With this, individualism complements another fundamental term for all of us: FREEDOM. Together, both terms help creativity and innovation to flourish.

Creativity requires a willingness to not conform; which, in turn, requires nurturing free minds and spirits, and that in turn, required a spirit of tolerance. Tolerance in the sense of humility, that no one has the right to impose beliefs or ideas on others.

From TOTEM Branding we encourage people to get out of their comfort zone, and to change their value system if necessary in order to see a better version of each brand. Surprising as it may seem, we all have self-limiting beliefs, be it for example in intelligence, creativity, ability to make money. Our mind is responsible for us having a defined image of ourselves, and it is also the one that can bring about change for the better.

One of the starting points of great achievements is to begin to question these self-limiting beliefs, and to discard them, acting as if they did not exist. One of the greatest characters in our history, Nelson Mandela, acted despite being unsure, despite having the same fear as the rest of the prisoners in that prison on Robben Island. In the words of the leader himself: “Don’t expect to feel ready before you start your own business or give your first public talk, because you will be waiting all your life. Act with confidence, and the confidence will come later.”

Happy World Creativity and Innovation Day.