We do not predict the Future, we Create it

Over the last decade, TOTEM Branding has conceived groundbreaking concepts, helped define strategies and articulate business plans, created names, experiences and products, and designed brands in multiple industries and across the spectrum. From retail to tourism, consumer goods to services, transportation to finance, real estate to technology, and entertainment to destinations. When it comes to the future of branding in retail and malls, we choose to create it rather than predicting it.

Our clients have been and continue to be the engine of progress, innovation and development. Success stories such as: FAN, in Mallorca, awarded for best branding in Spain; UBBO, in Lisbon, the first shopping resort with a new way of living in retail in Portugal; Islazul, the largest mall in Madrid and the most sustainable in Spain; Paseo del Fuego, in Ushuaia the southernmost shopping center in the world; or the identity of Viva Centros Comerciales in Colombia.

In this new era, where everyone is talking about automation, digitization, algorithms and artificial intelligence, we see a rebirth of retail and the physical space. People, not bricks, are the center of business.