At TOTEM Branding we believe in the fundamental importance of knowledge and sharing it. Knowledge acquired in the real world, in the market, in the trenches of the front line of the creation, construction or transformation of brands. Sharing is knowledge, sharing creates community, sharing makes growth.

We share branding insights as a tool for positive transformation.
We believe our job and commitment is to improve the world of brands today and for those who will come after. Building a sense of connection, pride and belonging is at the core of what we do. One of the goals of this Blog is precisely to share.

TOTEM LIVE returns

Is there a space where we can discuss, talk, philosophize, inspire about the future, work, education, entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation, mental health, trends, energy, the planet, solidarity, sustainability, among other topics? This space exists, it is called TOTEM LIVE and it is the gift of great people and professionals who share with all of us their […]

Celebrating the Amazing Power of Hugs

“A hug is an encounter in the universe that is endlessly repeated.” Gustavo Benzecry Sabá. Last Saturday, January 21, was World Hug Day, we want to share today that for us every day is a day to hug. The world is chaos but it is also wonderful. Because the world is what we project. To […]

Sharing Knowledge for a Positive Transformation

“Scientia potentia est” is a Latin aphorism meaning “knowledge is power”. We proudly share that the United Nations World Tourism Organization has chosen TOTEM Branding to launch the first Branding MOOC for the UNWTO Tourism Academy. Businesses, academia and institutions already assume that knowledge is not a pose or a fad. It is about exchanging […]

Tourism Keys 2023

While inflation feels like a mountain before us, let’s be bold and climb it. In fact, many travelers have taken that attitude and are climbing it and are not intimidated. According to Travel in 2023 report, almost half of travelers admitted they will be more lenient with their vacation spending habits to make up for […]

The Power of Brand Purpose

Brands that lead authentically with purpose are changing the nature of business today. Purpose is the reason a brand exists. It is the underlying essence that makes a brand relevant and necessary to people. Purpose sits firmly at the core of a brand’s culture and affects every decision. It creates loyalty, affinity, engagement and connections […]

8 Reasons to Believe in 2023

An optimist sees an opportunity in every setback, a pessimist sees a setback in every opportunity. Paraphrasing Winston Churchill, we face this complex and exciting 2023. We never lose our optimism, especially now. Here are 8 reasons for optimism in 2023: 1. The TOTEMIZATION of brands. Successful brands are increasingly human, with values shared with […]

Thank you for choosing us, for sharing and for believing. Here’s to an inspiring and magical 2023!

Magic, hope, illusion to continue creating and transforming better brands. There are few things, professionally speaking, than sharing the journey to the future of brands with good people, talented, inspiring, committed, creative and with good vibes. Being grateful is essential to fully appreciate and enjoy the journey. Being grateful for what we have shared, what […]

Branding & the Triumph of Passion

The magic was in the night in Qatar. A script that not even Netflix would have dreamed of for a World Cup Final. An explosion of joy for the Argentine National Team, which won its third star in a long-suffering and well-deserved way. A movie final in which nothing was missing, the joy, the anguish, […]

What clients say about TOTEM Branding

“A good reputation is more valuable than money”. Marketing is what you say about yourself, Branding is what others say about you. How many times have you searched yourself in Google? Is it important what people say about us? Do you care about what people share about you? At TOTEM Branding we help every day […]

The World Cup of Football & Brands

Five things about brands that this 2022 Soccer World Cup has left us so far. An event where, in addition to soccer, Branding is the second protagonist. 1. Brands are the undisputed stars of the World Cup: Messi, Cristiano, Mbappé, Hakimi, Modrić, Nike, Adidas, Puma, Argentina, Brazil, Morocco, France, Coca Cola, Visa, Amazon, Twitter, YouTube, […]